If a child, family or educator I work with feels better able to function within
their daily lives, and feel less stress and more success, then I know I have
accomplished my goal.

Experienced Educator on Mission to Help

As a 22-year veteran of public and private schools, I taught multiple grade levels in elementary and middle school before serving as K-8 principal for 14 years. That background, along with advanced degrees and additional educational accreditations, forms the basis of my current work.I offer educator and parent education, as well as work with children in both individual and group settings. Through these programs, I am determined to help students, parents, and educators lead a more balanced life with attention given to their personal needs. I want students to become independent, motivated learners who display a positive self image, resiliency, and integrity, and who possess critical thinking and problem solving skills. I have a commitment to social service and life-long learning, and hope to leave a positive mark on the world around me.


I have had the pleasure of contributing to my community for over 2 decades as a teacher, principal, speaker and trainer.

  • My Approach

    Early in my career my educational philosophy focused on academic excellence, meeting the very different needs of each student, and the belief that every child is capable of reaching a significant level of success. Today, those beliefs are simply a given. After 14 years as a principal, I see that the success of children involves much more than simply the academics. Social/emotional needs and an understanding of one’s own personal definition of success must be considered. In addition, parent education and support are of paramount importance.

    I expect myself to do all that is necessary to meet the needs of any child or family with whom I work. This includes being aware of the latest educational trends and theory. In return, I expect the same level of commitment and follow-through from the family, and the child, as appropriate for the age.

  • Educational Processes

    I am inspired by those working in the areas of brain research and mindfulness, and who believe having a more balanced lifestyle will result in healthier, happier individuals and families. For that reason, I look for the most efficient strategies that will offer the best results. Advanced planning, organization processes, and methods to help information remain in your long-term memory rather than exiting right after an assessment can be yours if you are willing to try a new approach and give it an opportunity to prove its value.

  • Accreditations

    • Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas (2013) Academic Language Therapy
    • Ed.D. University of North Texas Denton, Texas (2005) Educational Administration, Concentration in Curriculum and Development
    • M. Ed. Texas A & M University Commerce, Texas (1995) Elementary Education
    • B.S. University of Texas Austin, Texas (1974) Elementary Education
    • Bradley University Peoria, Illinois

    • Mindful Schools Certified Instructor 2015
    • TECAT — July 1986
    • Texas Teacher Certificate — 1974
    • Provisional—Elementary (grades 1 – 8) General — 1974
    • Provisional—Kindergarten — 1974
    • Stanford University, Challenge Success Parent Education, March, 2011
    • Mindful Schools Fundamentals October 2012
    • Mindful Schools Curriculum March 2013
    • Mindful Schools Year-Long Certification Program 2014-2015
    • Mindful Schools Difficult Emotions May 2016

Womanars Series Interviews Dr. Wolbe

Recently, I was invited to an interview by Tilde Guajardo, founder of womanars.com, a group that focuses on the education and empowerment of women. We discussed my work, inspiration and approach to education. Each of these short videos are taken from that interview. I eagerly welcome your questions and comments pertaining to this interview by using the comment section below.

Click on each topic to view videos.

What does Power of Women mean to you?
How do I stay centered?
Impact of positive/negative mind chatter?
What would you like your legacy to be?
What is your proudest achievement?
Define mindfulness; how can it impact your life?
Who has inspired you?
Life lesson you would teach your younger self?
What else would you like to do now?
Do you teach within school systems?
What's your process, and how long does it take?
What do your educational services provide?
What traumatic event taught you a positive lesson?

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