Everyone learns differently. Some like the classroom, some like one-on-one, and others like the convenience of reading materials.

Improve School Performance and Life with Written Materials

Dr. Wolbe provides presentations in person, via distance learning, and in the written format. While there is value in each style of presentation, the written word will allow you the time to gain the same insightful guidance as group events or private sessions, plus the ability to review the information multiple times. In addition, a book provides an opportunity to better synthesize and apply the information presented. Choose the topic and presentation style that best meets your needs or, do yourself the biggest favor of all; opt for the same topic presented in a variety of styles.Dr. Wolbe’s written materials are a great alternative to group or one-on-one sessions. Of course, if you or a group would prefer Dr. Wolbe’s individualized guidance and depth of training that an interactive classroom or private session can offer, just visit the appropriate Programs page in the menu above for more information.


My written materials are a great way to explore ideas and improve life and learning. Plus, these materials can serve as the beginning of our online conversation. Feel free to enter your questions and comments about my writings below.



This quick, enjoyable read is packed with proven tips and advice beneficial for teachers at all stages of their career. Drawing on her many years’ experience as an elementary and middle school principal, author Susie Wolbe, ED.D. addresses many of the common challenges teachers face, including classroom management procedures and practices, stress and burn-out.Divided into three easy-to-read sections, The Empowered Teacher: Proven Tips for Classroom Success provides educators with practical strategies that will improve the teaching experience, including how to establish strong relationships with students and parents, how to enhance teaching methods and bring joy back to the classroom, and how to develop good professional relationships with colleagues.Dr. Wolbe’s practical advice is designed to help educators see their profession through a different lens and to experience new ideas and strategies that will benefit everyone involved.

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The Empowered Teacher


The Empowered Teacher video



B.D.E. stands for Best Day Ever. The tradition of these bracelets started with students of all ages and adults (both parents and educators), who decided that they wanted to make the world better– even one person at a time. When a person wearing a bracelet sees someone who is sad, lonely or having any type of struggle, the wearer removes the bracelet and offers it to the other person. The bracelet delivers a message: I see you. You matter. I care.In today’s fast-paced world, so many people seem to feel they are alone; once they have a bracelet, they know they are never alone. They are wearing actual, tangible proof that someone wants them to have their BEST DAY EVER.This year, 2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the inception of the B.D.E. Club – ten years of passing along hope, happiness, and encouragement to others. In honor of this milestone, the B.D.E. Club wants to inspire people not only to make today their best day ever, but to make 2017 their best year ever. And let’s all look forward to ten more years of passing on the message!

Join the club! Perfect for families and groups of any size.

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Best Day Ever Bracelet


Best Day Ever Bracelet video


People are often touched by motivational and inspirational quotes; they serve to remind us that not every interaction may go our way, yet one can always find a light at the end of the tunnel. This journal includes quotes that encourage action, stir thoughts, and will move you to make your next step in a positive direction. As you move from one page to the next, note the quotes that mean the most to you. Add some of your own. Draw pictures, or paste others in. Make it yours! And, remember, you are the only one who can write your own life story.Never let anyone or anything get in your way.

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