Evan Hansen Reminds Us That Being Alone is Not a Necessity

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Music moves me. It’s able to change my moods from feeling sad to happy, hopeless to hopeful, and totally lost to empowered and ready to set the world on fire. So, it’s little wonder that when I heard the song, You Will be Found, from the Dear Evan Hansen Broadway play, it was like a lightening bolt through my heart.

You Are Not Alone relates this message better than I. First, reminding us of the times we’ve felt hopeless, or despondent. When we’re totally out of ideas, desperate for a crumb of positivity, and certain that nothing will ever be, or feel, possible again.

Have you ever felt that nobody was there

Have you felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere

Have you even felt like you could disappear

Like you could fall and no one would hear

I think my biggest message, to friends, to family, to strangers…to anyone who will listen, is that we are never truly alone.

Even when the dark comes crashing through

When you need someone to carry you

And when you’re broken and on the ground

You will be found

The lyrics also remind us that if we find the courage to speak up and tell someone that we need help, the next time we speak up it might be a little easier for us. And, once we are willing to let others in, and willing to ask for help, someone will rise to the challenge.

Each time that you call out you’re a little less alone…

Someone will come running

And I know they’ll take you home…

And, because we’ve been brave enough to speak up ourselves, and grateful for the assistance we’ve received, we are more apt to notice, and feel empathy for those who are experiencing their own moments of need.

The question is, is today the day you need assistance, or is today the day you’ll offer it? If you’re in the giving mode, will you take the time to look around and be aware of the emotional state of others? Can you be the shoulder for someone to cry? Or, an attentive listener who maintains eye contact? Will you avoid looking at your watch or checking emails in order to let that person know that, right now, there is no one and nothing more important than they are to you?

Maybe today is the day you’ll decide to offer positive messages to as many people as you can throughout this one entire day.

  • You look nice today.
  • Hey, great smile.
  • You were really helpful yesterday; in case I didn’t come out and say it then, thanks for all you do.
  • Let me get that door for you!
  • Thank you for being so kind to me.
  • I appreciate that so very much.

None of these activities include spending money, but all offer positivity and words of kindness to those with whom you come into contact. Imagine the impact you can make with nothing more than your kind words and a smile on your face.

Maybe today’s the day you will touch the heart and soul of someone who really needs this type of kindness. As Evan Hansen said,

You are not alone.


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