#first100ways…Leading the Way to a Positive Future

The Inauguration has taken place and, I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a huge number of “start-up” organizations that have decided to focus on making positive steps to ensure that our world moves in an upbeat direction with changes aplenty. Not that this is a new idea.

If you do a Google Search on the phrase: “don’t complain get involved”, you will find links to religious and education organizations, as well as numerous newspapers that have written editorials about the issue.

For example, former Dallas Police Chief Captain David Brown said, before resigning the position in 2016, what he thought he’d do if he didn’t like the status quo.

“I probably wouldn’t protest or complain. I would get involved and do something about it. Don’t be a part of the problem. We’re hiring. Get off that protest line and put an application in, and we’ll put you in your neighborhood, and we will help you resolve some of the problems you’re protesting about.”

Even former President Obama, in his Farewell Address reminded us that

“change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged and come together to demand it…”

These new endeavors have been springing up on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Take #First100Ways, for example. This is just one of the many groups that has formed after this past election, and is comprised of individuals who are focusing on positive actions that will take no more than 100 seconds each. Each week a different theme will guide the suggestions, such as week one relating to healthcare, week two gender equality, and so on. Just over a minute and a half to accomplish something that has spectacular possibilities!

According to their website, they are not of a single political belief, but hold a “belief in the human spirit” that with each, individual action they can change the world. To that end, they will send a new suggestion each day for 100 days, hoping that individuals take up the charge.

Some of their ideas include:

*Spreading positivity. They ask us to state one hope we have for the new administration.
*Learning who our representatives are and programming their numbers into our phones, or following
them on Twitter and their websites.
*Starting a conversation with a stranger with the goal of learning more about one another.
*Identifying at least one piece of clothing to be donated to those less fortunate.

Making strides to help bring us closer to one another, and remove some of the divisiveness we so often see in our society would benefit all involved. After all, as Maya Angelou once said,

“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

Showing appreciation to a co-worker or the person who sells you your coffee, hands you your dry cleaning, or parks your car would brighten more days than one might realize. Letting others know that they are making our days better just by being there is important. And, should we opt to contact one of our representatives, we could make sure to let them know, using tact and respectful communication, what opinions we hold on issues of importance to us.

I think these groups have the right idea. With a minimal amount of effort, huge changes could take effect. This is a time and place in history that we can make a difference. In 100 seconds. In 100 ways. In 100 days.

To quote, Buzz Lightyear,

“To infinity, and beyond.”

Are you with us?

Dr. W

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