A Learning Disability, Difference, or Experience?: Beyond the classroom

Learning disability, difference, or experience

Some say learning disability and others call it a learning difference; my son says it’s all part of the learning experience. He calls it that because the  “experience” is what makes it life changing.  Simply, a series of life lessons.

We all learn differently. But the life lesson and experience is what, in his opinion, has the potential to shape you for success.

Road block, or a path to success

No different than when you have a personal relationship, those experiences can be used as a path to better your life, or you can do nothing and be your own road block. As a kid it’s hard to understand that perspective. But if teachers, educators, and parents work toward empowering children, helping them truly understand their potential, then kids could have a totally different point of view. And they could also have a much more positive attitude and improved self-esteem.

Going beyond the classroom

It extends beyond education and the regular classroom. You may have difficulty reading a book, but playing music could be your real gift. There are an extraordinary number of successful adults who struggled as students, but have found amazing success doing those things they most love to do. Artists. Athletes. Actors. Musicians. Inventors. Look on the internet under “famous people school struggles” and you will find a multitude of examples.

Using an experiential approach

My son will tell you his approach with people isn’t by the book, but he understands people and that has everything to do with his experiences along the way.  This has empowered him to be a success and made him realize the value of hard work. Because regardless of the difficulties he had in the classroom, he found success in his workplace, and that has been the combined result of his life experiences, his hard work, and what he has been able to figure out along the way.

He says we should talk about a gift to our students, of all ages, and help make them understand how their experiences can change their lives in incredible ways.

Who knows? They, too, may feel as successful and positive about the possibilities before them… as my son does…

We should all be so lucky.

Hoping you, too, have a good learning experience.

Dr W


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