With Mindfulness You Find You Are Never Alone

Do you ever wonder how some people carve out the time to complete a daily meditation or two? When you think about it, that could be almost an hour each day that you have chosen to give up in order to simply sit. But, is it only, really, sitting?

The normal chores of each day

Yes, you’re taking a break from television, house chores, movies, emails, phone calls, and so much more. Yet, when you consider the benefits, it’s really time well spent! A consistent mindfulness practice will soon allow you to increase your ability to focus, and that, in turn, will allow you to really experience the time you spend conversing, meeting, or attending to what really matters in your life. It’s a process that can improve the quality of your time. In addition, your overall health can improve, as well as lowering your stress, and increasing your creativity.

And, while this is in many ways a solitary event, it connects you to so many. Not just the other people in the room, should you be meditating as a part of a group, but people from around the world.

The commonalty of a mindful experience

Think about it. People who have completely different lifestyles than yours are focusing on their breathing at the exact same time as you. People wearing totally different styles of clothing and with different colors of skin are practicing mindful listening while you are, and not one person is hearing the exact same sequence of sounds as you. They and their worlds and their goals are completely different than yours, and yet they are the same.

They are the same in that they start with three deep, slow breaths to quiet the reactive centers in their brains and bodies. They are the same as they focus on the sounds, or their breath, or notice sensations in their bodies.

Isn’t that amazing? We are connected to people all over the world whom we’ve never met, and, yet, we can share a practice of mindfulness.

This knowledge can serve as a bridge to people and places both near and far, but can also remind us that we are never alone.

  • We are not the only ones who are experiencing a hardship or misunderstanding. Someone else has lived through a similar situation and found a solution that allowed him to continue his life with a purpose and new goals.
  • We are not the only ones who have a hurdle in front of us, and are totally at a loss as to the best way to proceed. Yet, we know others have found an acceptable solution; if they can find a way through the madness, maybe we can, too.
  • We are not the only ones who have been bullied, teased, or felt like an outcast. There are others around the world who have felt the same, and they found someone to help them through the situation, or found the inner resources to weather the storm.

Mindfulness meditation provides each person with something a little bit different from whatever his or her neighbor experiences, yet there is a reminder for each of us. No matter what we are experiencing, there are others who have taken similar journeys. Others who have experienced much of what we are experiencing now, and we can learn from them that there will be an end to the pain, difficulty, or upset.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; we have only to give ourselves a bit of time, self-care, kindness, and empathy…and remember that, especially as we practice mindfulness, we are not alone.


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