Taking Time for Appreciation


Today we’re going to work on opening our hearts.

While these could be the first words spoken in a mindfulness class, they were first spoken in my yoga class this morning. Beautiful. They set my intention right where it needed to be.

  • Don’t worry that you’re still not flexible; doing your best is enough.
  • It’s fine that you have lousy balance; you’re lucky that you have great people in your life you can depend upon should you fall.
  • Just be happy with where you are. After all, you are here, breathing; the world will be whatever you make it.

I do love when something unexpectedly reminds me of all the gifts this world has given me.

Have you taken the time to appreciate all of your gifts? Maybe now, between Thanksgiving and the beginning of 2015, is a good time to take stock of those blessings that we sometimes take for granted?

  • It’s not that you have to go to work today. It’s that you get to go to work today.
  • It’s not that you have to research a topic for a new project; it’s that you get to learn about the remarkable ways talented people are creating tools that are ingenious and have the potential to better our world.

And what will you do during this time of appreciation to brighten the day for others? There are so many ways you can easily add positive moments to your day and the days of others:

  • Offer an extra smile and thank you for the cashier, driver, salesperson, or anyone else you pass throughout your days.
  • Tell someone how much easier he or she makes your life and tell them how.
  • Offer thanks for how great a job someone is doing and give them an example.
  • Make the time to give 5 extra minutes to someone without a glance at your watch or a hint of the hurry you might be feeling.
  • Offer encouragement to someone who is feeling uncertain or insecure.
  • Write a letter or note, by hand, of thanks to someone who has really made a difference in your life and tell them how.
  • When you’re going to get a coffee or tea for yourself, get one for someone else, too.
  • Treat yourself to something you enjoy; you’re special and enjoy a treat every so often, too!
  • Write a list of the things you think you do well, giving specific examples of when you did them and how they made you feel.
  • When you interact with people you typically find challenging, take the time to consider what might be going on in their lives and offer them an extra dose of compassion.
  • Make a list of 5 people or things in your life that helped you become the person you are.
  • Make a list of how you have shown or expressed gratitude to those people. If you don’t have a specific example, think of what you could do now that would be appreciated.

Showing appreciation is something that we can do every day. To ourselves. To others. Today is a good day to work on opening our hearts.

Enjoy your blessings.

Dr. W


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