Talking the Talk, and Walking the Walk

Some people say, “Take a vacation; you need a break and it will do you a world of good.” And some people actually do…take a vacation; realizing they need the peace and quiet that new scenery can bring.

I am spending the week with my husband, a friend from college, and her husband. We are looking at views we have never before seen, walking paths we never knew existed, and appreciating the beauty around use.

Relishing the time away, I know in my heart that giving myself this week of time away from my typical life experiences is worth more than the price of a vacation. It is, simply said, a time to feed my soul.

So, this week this isn’t a regular post; instead, I am doing more than talking the talk. I’m walking the walk. I’m taking a vacation.

And I hope you give yourself a similar gift.

I will be back next week. Same time. Same station. With a renewed spirit.

Be well.

Dr. W

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