Life Changing Programs for Students, Parents and Educators

  • Learn to Reduce Anxiety and Stress
  • Improve School/ Job Performance
  • Learn Mindful Meditation
  • Improve Focus and Attention
  • Develop/ Improve Responsibility
  • Improve Peer and Family Relationships
  • Increase Empathy for Self and Others

Programs For Students

Mindfulness Masters:

Gain an increase in attention and focus, decline of stress, anxiety, and depression, an increase in empathy for self and others, improved self-regulation, and improved relationships. 

Mindful Schools:

Have proven to have increases in attention and focus, decline of stress, anxiety, and depression, increase in empathy for self and others, improved self-regulation, and improved relationships.

You’ve Got the Power:

Gain insight and technique for building true friendships through honesty, compassion, integrity, loyalty, and humor, and they will practice strategies regarding peer pressure and bullies: how to respond; how to avoid; understanding why bullies do what they do.

Programs For Parents

An Overview of Mindfulness Meditation:

Will provide participants with an inspiring look at the mindfulness meditation movement and learn of its benefits, as seen over more than 30 years of practice. 

Brain Balm: Mindfulness Meditation for Adults:

Has shown a boost in working memory, reduced stress and anxiety, improved focus, less emotional reactivity, increased information processing speed, reduced rumination, and improved empathy and compassion.

Creating a Balanced Home Life:

This course will help you take time to evaluate that which you really hold near and dear, and identify a plan of action for your family that will allow your family life to be in alignment with what matters to you. 

Programs For Educators

Improve Classroom Study and Organizational Skills:

The course will guide educators in ways to help students become personally responsible for their assignments, manage their time, prepare for various assessments, and approach a teacher when there is a problem.

Brain Health: To Improve Your Life:

Participants will learn basic information about the parts of the brain and the role each part plays in our daily lives and armed with that information, will be able to make conscious decisions on how to maintain a healthy brain.

Create a Balanced Professional Life:

With this program, experience professional excellence, decreased stress, and have a more positive attitude.

Keys to a Stress free Life

For a Stress free life, one needs to inculcate certain habits and maintain them. These habits include:

  • Having Regular and Healthy Diet – Healthy Diet improves an individual’s Mental as well as Physical Health. It is often said that a healthy diet creates a healthy mind.
  • Having a Sound Sleep – An 8 hour sleep everyday keeps the mind and body fresh and keeps the mind away from the stress. A mattress that provides comfort to an individual, is the most recommended one. There are different varieties of mattress available in the market. One needs to select the mattress that suits their individual needs to the best. For this, one needs to understand all the varieties of mattresses and their uses. For making this simple, explains us the differences among the mattresses as well as it recommends us the mattress most suitable for us.
  • Exercise and Meditation – Regular exercise and meditation keeps the body and mind fit. It refreshes the mind and brings a positive impact on it.